David Greenberg

Mr. Greenberg joined Pan Law Group in 2014 and has made his mark in all areas of the law handled by the firm.  He began by being directly supervised by the firm’s founder, Jiali “Gary” Pan, in handling complex and high value business immigrant and nonimmigrant petitions, before also expanding into various areas of civil litigation and corporate law.  Mr. Greenberg is now Pan Law Group’s Senior Associate and Director of HR, assisting in leading the firm’s daily activities and managing key cases.

David Greenberg has had a varied and impressive career.  Prior to joining Pan Law Group, he earned his stripes in the trenches of the New York City courts system aggressively litigating criminal defense cases, civil lawsuits, landlord-tenant disputes, and family law matters.  Mr. Greenberg also spent several years working in various capacities within City, State, and Federal politics.  David is most proud, however, of his service in the United States Army during the Iraq War.

Mr. Greenberg earned his law degree from Hofstra University School of Law in 2011.